About Me

My background as a filmmaker means that in my photography I'm always trying to find the "story".  Whether its a single image, or the coverage of an entire event, my goal is always to bear witness to a moment and capture it, so that someone can experience it from afar.

In addition to portraits, and corporate events, I also do assignment photography, pets, and pretty much everything except weddings and births.

I can do individual portraits in my intimate home studio, but also have a mobile portrait studio, which makes sense if you have anywhere from 10 to 100 portraits you need to get done on site.

"Art has been one of Intel's go to freelance photographers in the Bay Area, he has done a number of events, and provided a mobile portrait studio. He has become a team favorite".   Chris Edwards, Production Manager

"Mr. Bodner has been doing an ongoing photo documentary project for Merck.  He has proven to be reliable, enthusiastic and a great eye for telling a story visually"  Steve Mello, Facility Manager

"Art Bodner has been one of our top assignment photographers.  He has as amazing eye for capturing images that enhance our stories.  He has been reliable and fun to work with"   Sally Smith and Jack Tipple, Publishers of the Noe Valley Voice

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Noe Valley

San Francisco, CA 94114

Tel: 415-648-2735

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